What Pumpkin

And we’re back with another sneak peek at Hiveswap: Act 2!

So we reached out to you last month to find out exactly what your most pressing questions were about us, Friendsim and Hiveswap. We’ll answer some of them here: 

  • Are all four acts of Hiveswap still coming? When are each of the games coming out? What’s the roadmap for these games? 

We are committed to delivering Hiveswap in its entirety–Act 2, followed by Act 3, and then Act 4. After that, we can turn our attention to the possibility of Hauntswitch. 

  • Will the games come to any additional platforms? 

Hiveswap will continue to be released on Steam and other sites for PC, Mac and Linux, as was initially promised. While we currently have no plans to port the game to any other platforms, we are open to the possibility of considering this in the future. 

  • Please, tell us more about Hiveswap: Act 2!

Act 2 is still a point and click adventure game, with the same basic UI and mechanics. The puzzles and gameplay will focus more heavily on character dialogue in this installment. 

In terms of length, the amount of time it will take you to complete the game will depend on how much time you spend exploring and talking to the characters in each scene. There will be more content in Act 2 than Act 1.

  • What’s going to happen in the game? Where will it take place? Which characters will be in it? 

Details about the story and plot of the game will be best revealed by the game itself. You will be able to look forward to seeing a lot more of Alternia in Act 2.

  • How does Friendsim fit into the Hiveswap games?

Friendsim is an extra-canonical series of character introductions and backstories to add flavor to the Hiveswap experience. You don’t need to have played Friendsim to enjoy Act 2, but if you’re interested in any of the characters that appear in Hiveswap, it’s a great way to find out more about what they’re like.

  • I’m a bit confused on how Kickstarter rewards will work. What do we get again? 

All Kickstarter backers who pledged to receive a digital copy of the game will receive Hiveswap, Acts 1-4. If you opted for the tier that included the soundtracks for all Acts of Hiveswap, you’ll get that, too.

Backers who pledged to receive physical copies of the games will be sent their copies when all four acts are complete.

  • Who’s doing what on the team behind Hiveswap: Act 2?

James and Toby are back for music, Adrienne is back for animation, and Aysha of Friendsim has joined the writing team. In the future we’ll be doing a series of artist and writer spotlights, introducing you guys to the team. 

Thanks for sticking with us! We’re excited to be diving back into the Homestuck universe and we’ll keep updating you regularly on our progress.